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We are experts in manufacturing unique pedestal table bases for offices, restaurants and BTR.

Pedestal tables have always been popular in the restaurant sector, however there is an increasing demand for more unique pedestal designs which is our niche (we do not offer cast pedestal bases). Our standard pedestal base utilises a 76mm round column but we can offer much slimmer or much larger columns (often needed to allow for power access).  In the main our pedestals are finished around the 740mm height but we often make laptop tables and coffee tables using central tubular columns.

Pedestal tables dont just have to have round base plates and we often use square plates (often with large radii), oval or squarial bases to suit the customers needs.

We supply large numbers of pedestal bases into offices, for use singularly as meeting tables or, as multiples, for boardroom tables, which sometimes require the incorporation of power cabling down the column which is very straightforward.

The pedestal design is also highly popular for laptop tables in offices and in the hotel bedroom, shared student kitchens, and the BTR sector.

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